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Mitsubishi Fuso Overland Camper

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Mitsubishi Fuso Overland Camper

For Sale, Mitsubishi Fuso Overland Camper

Price: $58,000 Contact: SOLD
Used RV for Sale, found this used A Liner Expedition Overland Camper for sale in Gunnison, Colorado. As shown here is a nice Expedition Overland Camper based on 2008 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 truck, powered by diesel engine mated with manual transmission was driven about 62000 miles waiting for a new owner. It could be perfect off road 4x4 camper.

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Make A Liner Model Expedition Series Year 2008
Class Off Road Camper Exterior Color Custom Engine Mitsubishi
Fuel Type Diesel Interior Color Custom Mileage 62000
Length Condition Used Insurance N/A

Detail by owner
This Fuso FG Overland rig can also be seen over on Instagram at @FusOverland
More photos at: (copy and paste)

The Silver Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 and the low profile removable A~Liner Expedition camper combination seen in the photos has served me well. However I headed in a new direction with the Silver Fuso and it is time to let go of the custom built and mounted A-Liner Expedition tray/subframe camper. It has now been paired up with the White 2007/08 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 5 Speed with only 62K miles.

Here are the details on each component: *The Camper...2015 A Liner Expedition Series With Custom Subframe and Boxes~ I don’t believe this A Liner Expedition was ever used for anything except what you see here. The previous owner who created this combination was VERY skilled and had an amazing shop. His workmanship and attention to design and detail can be seen throughout the marriage of the removable camper unit to the custom frame. He really knew what he wanted. Everything is professionally done.

~Versatility: First, this A~Liner unit can be removed in less than 15 minutes freeing up the very functional flatbed with side rails for other duties. There are 4 camper jacks that slide into each corner which allows you to lift up and drive right out from under it. It’s a great option to be able to leave the habitat behind for exploring away from basecamp. With the camper removed, this leaves you with an awesome flatbed with the easy functional side rails for all your work needs, or for loading motorcycles, ATV’s or building materials. I will definitely miss this feature. So will my friends with pianos and couches to move. The flatbed itself has crossmembers mounted to a lower frame rail that is mounted to the Fuso frame. A normal filler beam compensates for the 8 inch drop in the Fuso's bi-level frame. ~Included: The subframe storage boxes, the external box mounted generator, and the motorcycle lift come with the frame. It’s the complete setup with all the peripherals. (If you wanted to attach this to another flatbed vehicle this would absolutely work.)

The time and materials put into the creation of this cradle/subframe, motorcycle lift, generator and boxes cost an additional $10-12K. Currently this flatbed combo with the A Liner would cost you north of $30K to recreate…that’s without the truck)

*The Truck: 2007/8 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4X4 Long Wheel Base Cabover Truck with only 62K miles!
~Last of the best! The 2008-2010 series Fuso FG’s are the last of the true 5 speed manual transmissions. After this series, you get the Duonic Auto Transmissions from 2012 to present.

~This 07/08 Fuso FG was used sparingly on dry desert work sites and was set up to move light cargo from location to location. ~Never a plow vehicle ~Western States NO salt vehicle ~Maintained extremely well with a stack of maintenance records to go with it, as well as some spare parts I received in the purchase. ~Aesthetically excellent in and out except a crack in windshield. Everything functional and only known issue currently is a check engine light. Allan at Global Overland where it is located will be giving this an eyeball soon.

If you MUST have just the Fuso FG, re-axle and re-tongue the A Liner Expedition...you can then sell it for $18-23k (Current pricing on similar AL is $25-28k. This leaves you with an amazing and functional flatbed Fuso FG to build your own habitat on if that's what you prefer.

Work just completed at Global Overland: Brand new zero mile clutch. All fresh fluids(oil, trans, radiator etc) While the frame was bare, Allan and I cleaned, pressure washed and wired any blemish on this 100% solid rust free frame. It was then triple coated with rust protectors and inhibitors. All work done to Global Overland standards. It currently has the original dual wheel set up so the first thing I would recommend would be the super singles to improve your clearance, off road performance, and the comfort of your ride. These singles can be drop shipped directly to the location at Global Overland.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Vehicle is currently with Allan at the Global Overland HQ in Gunnison Colorado but please direct all inquiries to me here or over on IG ~ Thanks

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