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About nicetoownrv.com

Dedicated to a wanderer or RV and camper enthusiasts, tried to find good or attractive information then share, and tried to help you to find an RV or find your buyers. And It contains, pictures that we found on many websites, if any objections please contact us, and We’ll add credit or remove the image if you request it.

Tried to share and give some information, about what we think is a cool RV for sale. And everyone is welcome to post ads for free, with no charge or hidden fee.

Originally it was just a blog nothing else, not a forum or club so nothing members. We're not a seller, agent, or dealer, we just create a media where sellers and buyers get a good deal, hope that was helped. Sorry if this looks like not a professional because we’re not, this is only about our free time business.

Most of our traffic coming from Google with a long keyword seems to be very targeted, hope is the perfect conversion on target for both potential buyers and sellers. Our blog is not so popular or on top related keyword searches so it minimizes a cheater or scammers coming here, not 100% always have the possibility (beyond our control), but a good thing is strong enough for goal completion. All responsibility is on yourself, a user / all users. Including losses that are caused by an Ad or some information here, is not our responsibility. So please be smart.

nicetoownrv.com is never directly involved in sales transactions.
If the seller claims nicetoownrv.com are handling the sale DO NOT proceed.