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1966 Clark Cortez Class A RV

Friday, September 12, 2014

1966 Clark Cortez for sale

For Sale, 1966 Clark Cortez Class A RV

Price: $6500 SOLD
Used RVs for Sale, This thing is ready to take out and camp. short term or long term. Yes it needs a few things. Yes it is 48 yrs old. It has 88500 miles on the body. It is a very unique Motorhome. If you are not mechanically inclined, you should become it at least a little bit before you buy this. It is not a Dodge or a Chevy. It will not be in ANY car parts store's database for you to locate parts. YOU must know what you need for it. It is a Clark Cortez. It is 18.5' long.

It was built by the Clark Forklift company in 1966. It has a 4 speed MANUAL transmission. It is FRONT wheel drive. There are things you MUST know before you buy this RV. I can teach you the ways of the Cortez if you like and would be happy to do so. I know this machine inside and out intimately. But, you must know these things before reading further.

Maker Clark Forklift Company
Model Clark Cortez
Year 1966
Class A
Length 22 FT
Engine V8
Fuel Type Gas
Drive FWD
Transmission Manual
Mileage 589300
Condition Used
Insurance N/A
Exterior Color Light Brown
Interior Color Brown

Detail by owner
I have done SO much on this RV super machine that I will try to begin the list and will have to add to it as I remember.

Please take your time to read my ad. I try to list EVERYTHING that I can about this Cortez.

I have personally done all the work on this Cortez. It has been a labor of love. When something broke or needed doing I made sure to get the BEST replacement I could. I never used cheap parts. I wanted this thing to take the wife and I out for fun AND get us back without a problem. So, that is how I built it. At my asking price I am loosing close to $4000.

The inside: I have installed a new 5gallon water heater that gets heated from the engine coolant or can be run off of 110v when plugged into shore power. It stays HOT for over 18hrs. I have gone through the electrical (12v and 110v). I have completely rebuilt the bathroom (it was gutted when I got it). The fridge works and gets down to good temps on propane and 110v. but cools slowly. Stove and oven work great. Couch folds out into a bed and is pretty comfy. It could use new springs at some point. The water pump for the sinks/toilet works well. The toilet works great as does the shower. I have replaced the vent in the bathroom and in the main area with ones that have fans in them. All the interior lights and powered things work. All plumbing has been gone through and the holding tank has new valves and seals on everything.

The outside: New tires in early 2012 maybe have 300 miles on them. New exhaust from the headers back with a flowmaster 70 series truck muffler. Sounds nice but not loud. I have done a lot of rust repair but it needs another going through. I sanded the roof all down and patched all unused holes and repainted it. I installed a Con-Ferr roof rack with a hand built winch to get the spare tire up there and keep extra luggage/firewood. I have repaired the rear door hinges also. I have a 350W inverter in with the house batteries. It is enough to power the fridge on 110v and a couple lights. Not for too long while sitting but on LONG drives you can have the fridge going while you drive. Most of the outside lights have been upgraded to LED's.

The drive train: Radiator has been pressure tested and sealed. The motor has been completely rebuilt by my own hands. Has a Mellings RV cam in it. .30 over 318 with all new pistons, high volume oil pump, New lifters and pushrods. Heads all gone through and hardened exhaust seats installed. awesome industrial water pump. There are hardly 2500miles on the motor since the rebuild. All of them babied and properly broken in. Brand new 2bbl carb. all new filters everywhere. Fresh oil/filter change mobil1 10w/30 synthetic and much more. Power steering pump has been rebuilt, Alternator has been professionally rebuilt and all electrical has been totally gone through and most wires upgraded in size. Trans has been gone through, new U-joints, new clutch and pressure plate. New clutch slave cylinder. all wheel cylinders have been rebuilt and all brake fluid replaced and brakes bled. Brakes have great amount of life left. Front and rear wheel bearings have been repacked and front grease seals have been replaced. New modified torsion bar adjusters installed to get more lift out of the torsion bars. New front brake flex lines. Newish rear in-spring air bag set up to make up for slightly sagging rear springs. There is so much more.....

I will have to add to this as I remember things but this will get you started. Please feel free to ask me questions about it. I will have the answers. But, please don't waste my time if you are not really interested or plan to offer me $4000. I am just tooooo busy and have way to much invested in this Cortez.

I might be interested in partial trades. Nothing newer than 1975 though. Buick, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Oldsmobile, Slammed, 4x4, diesel etc.

I look forward to your interest!! More detail and info

Location the RV in Los Angeles, California, USA

Update listing of the Clark Cortez

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