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1998 Lazy Daze 30 Feet Class C RV Motorhome

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

1998 Lazy Daze 30 Feet Class C RV Motorhome

For Sale, 1998 Lazy Daze 30 Feet Class C RV Motorhome

Price: $25,000 Contact: SOLD
Used RV for Sale, found a used Lazy Daze Class C RV Motorhome being offered for sale by the owner located in Ogdensburg, New York, that was listed on Craigslist about five days ago and was still available when we posted it here. As shown here the Lazy Daze RV has 30 feet long and powered by a V10 gas engine backed by an automatic transmission with 166500 miles on it.

The Lazy Daze is one of the most sought-after RV manufacturers in the US. thanks to their quality and longevity, it's a shame the factory no longer exists today.

Make Lazy Daze Model Island Bed Year 1998
Class C Exterior Color White Green Engine Ford V10
Fuel Type Gas Interior Color Brown Mileage 166500
Length 30ft Condition Used Insurance N/A

Detail by owner
1998 Lazy Daze Class C Motorhome, 30ft long, Island Bed layout (queen)

Lazy Daze is one of the most sought after RV manufacturers, well known for their quality and longevity. The factory recently announced they were permanently closing their doors.

I purchased the RV 3 years ago and lived and travelled in it for the past 2.5 years. It has been well lived, loved, and traveled in the past few years. I’ve done work on it, but there are several cosmetic fixes I’ve still been working on making. It came to me needing some TLC, I’ve been slowly chipping away at things. Overall everything major and mechanical works and functions as it should and she’s really reliable! I have all the receipts and manuals and work history too, even from previous owners! Miles are 166,500 and generator hours are 526. It’s a Ford V10 engine.

Looking to sell OR trade for shorter Lazy Daze (22ft or less) OR short bus skoolie conversion (with difference paid out if needed). Looking to downsize! I have LOTS of pictures, ask me to see more!

*Refurbished transmission
*New starter
*New battery
*Some new tires/valve stems fixed/changed out
*Tires rotated regularly
*Alignment checked/fixed up
*Done all regular maintenance, almost exclusively at one shop
-regular oil changes, filters, tire rotations, general multi-point inspections, etc.
*Front brake pads and rotors replaced
*Fuel line to generator replaced
*Broken (inoperable), heavy automatic leveling jacks removed
*Stabilizer links and bushings replaced
*New condenser, cab AC evacuated and recharged
*Replaced broken LPCO detector
*Several outside lights replaced
*Brand new AC shroud installed on roof
*Water heater repaired
*Black tank tornado flush hookup installed
*Toilet valve replaced to fix leak
*Latches on closet replaced
*eco friendly higher pressure/less water use shower head installed

*all appliances work
*freezer with ice maker
*hot water heater
*outdoor shower
*toilet with handheld sprayer
*generator (Onan 4000)
*1 solar panel (comes factory installed on LDs - I’ve been able to go a couple days without plugging in using fridge on propane, water pump, Some lights, and having my phone and computer plugged in before I need to turn on the generator. Only one outlet (front above the cab) works without being plugged in and no ac. It was on my list to add more Solar one day. The charger controller readout is also wonky, so that could probably be replaced, but the solar power does work)
*sound system
*CB radio (needs tuning)
*2 TVs (huge, adjustable one in front with cabinets above cab - one in bedroom that's currently stored but will come with RV)
*pullout couch bed
*custom shelves in one closet
*TONS of storage
*black and grey tank hoses for flushing
*lots of random goodies (extra parts, fluids, tools, etc.) that came with the RV when I bought it
*cabinet storage above cab (no windows = no leaks)
*30amp electric hookup
*huge fresh, grey, and black water holding tanks
*large onboard propane tank
*Blue Ox tow bar (I have never used it)

*stair motor is broken (I pull it in and out manually for now and hold it up with a bungee cord)
*spark knob on stove fell off (I light manually for now)
*blinds on left side of bed are broken and do not stay up on their own (I roll up and place on top of valance to keep them “open” for now, came to me that way)
*carpet has some stains (came that way, I use rugs and planned to put in wood floor eventually)
*handle broke off mirrored pantry cabinet on back of shower (I use string to pull it for now)
*passenger side mirror broke off and has a temporary replacement (I will try to replace this before sale, it works but turns while driving at higher speeds)
*awning shows some signs of wear, but still works, doesn’t quite close all the way (came to me like that, very nearly closes all the way, just doesn’t quite get there on one side) also one of the knobs to lock it is broken on the part you hold, I just use a rag when I grab it and it still works fine.
*a couple small silicone patches (one on roof, a couple on rear cap from run ins with branches - patched with silicone by others I was with before I knew better)
*roof seams could probably be resealed (not sure when it was last done and they are showing signs of aging. No leaks that I’ve seen or felt though! LD roofs are constructed with 1 aluminum piece, no seams down the middle, much less likely to leak) - window seals still look great
*wood looking sticker stuff on side of fridge is peeling off (came like that)
*wood “trim” on table between chairs in living room needs to be glued back down (came like that)
*some storage compartment locks are rusty and finicky and could probably be changed out
*dented doors on water heater and generator compartments, still open and close, just take a little extra elbow grease
*small crack in kitchen floor from cutting board falling onto it while driving
*crack in one vent cover (duct taped for now, will need replaced)
*shower roof cover is dented and could use replaced (came that way)
*antennae wind-up handle is broken off…antennae never worked (even when winding handle, did not go up or down) though since I bought the RV and I had no use for it
*microwave was removed (I used a toaster oven instead-does not come with RV)
*needs a fan replaced under the hood
*tried to show all these in the pictures!

I’d be happy to fix a lot of this beforehand or reduce value accordingly. Talk to me, open to negotiation. As you can see, I try to be very upfront, honest, and detailed about everything and expect the same!

I currently still have some left to pay off on this RV (currently lienholder is the bank) but am working on getting that paid off ASAP so I can have the title in hand. For the meantime, I would be able to pay it off and get the title immediately after a deposit is paid. I will update the listing if/when I get it completely paid off and have the title.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or offers. Really looking for a skoolie conversion in similar condition (mechanically sound, has solar, kitchen, storage, and composting toilet or area for one - can have cosmetic fixes or minor repairs needed for sure!) to move into. Can drive to you if we are trading.

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