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1986 Toyota Sunrader: Not Your Grandpa's RV

Saturday, June 15, 2024

1986 Toyota Sunrader: Not Your Grandpa's RV

1986 Toyota Sunrader: Not Your Grandpa's RV (But Maybe He Should Borrow It)

Price: $25,900
Used RV for sale by owner, Forget behemoths that guzzle gas and take up two parking spaces. This 1986 Toyota Sunrader is the adventuremobile for the modern nomad who craves freedom, efficiency, and a touch of vintage charm. Imagine cruising down the California coast, the Pacific breeze whispering through your hair, knowing your trusty Toyota steed can handle anything from a scenic highway to a charming coastal town with nary a parking struggle.

This isn't your average RV. This is a Toyota Sunrader, which basically means it's the Michael Jordan of mini motorhomes. Built in Dana Point, California, it boasts a legendary 22RE 4-cylinder engine with fuel injection – think Michael Jordan's winning shots, but instead of points, you're racking up miles and smiles per gallon (we're talking 16-20 mpg, folks!). This beauty runs like a champ, having cruised effortlessly at 60-70 mph on the highway and recently aced its smog test. Plus, it's only got 120,0 miles on the odometer, which is practically infancy for a Toyota engine.

Maker Sunrader
Model Sunrader
Year 1986
Class C
Length 18 FT
Slide No
Self Contained Yes
Engine Toyota Efi fuel injection 22RE 4 cylinders
Fuel Type Gas
Drive RWD
Transmission Automatic
Mileage 120000
Condition Used / Excellent
Insurance N/A
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Custom

But the magic goes way beyond the engine. The Sunrader boasts a seamless fiberglass body, unlike its lesser RV cousins who are prone to leaks and roof woes. This is the Michael Jordan of weatherproofing – you can expect a lifetime of leak-free adventures, no mold remediation required.

Speaking of size, this 18-foot Sunrader is the Michael Jordan of maneuverability. It's the mini-me version of the Class C motorhome, meaning you can squeeze into regular parking spots without breaking a sweat. Need to explore a charming mountain town with narrow streets? No problem. This little gem will navigate those twists and turns like a champion slalom skier.

Inside, the Sunrader offers everything you need for adventure-ready comfort. Imagine a cozy haven with a sink, a four-burner stove with an oven (hello, camp-cooked pizzas!), a trusty Dometic fridge that keeps your drinks frosty and even has a freezer compartment. There's a furnace to keep you warm on chilly nights, a shower for rinsing off after a day of exploring, and a water heater for those luxurious hot showers. Plus, there's a handy bathroom, essential for maintaining a sense of normalcy on the road.

Sleeping arrangements? This Sunrader sleeps four comfortably, just like Michael Jordan's dream team. The couch transforms into a bed, and there's a plethora of storage space for all your camping gear. Think of it as your own personal mobile Tardis – compact on the outside, spacious and full of possibilities on the inside.

This 1986 Toyota Sunrader is more than just a motorhome; it's a passport to adventure. It's efficient, reliable, and built to last – the perfect companion for creating memories that will rival Michael Jordan's championship moments. So, ditch the gas-guzzling behemoths and embrace the freedom of the open road with this legendary Toyota Sunrader. It's waiting to take you on an unforgettable adventure, one perfectly sized parking spot and breathtaking vista at a time.


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