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1990 Falcon 19 Class B RV

Saturday, January 27, 2024

1990 Falcon 19 Class B RV For Sale

For Sale, 1990 Falcon 19 Class B RV

Price: $9,500
Used RV for Sale, Found a used Falcon Class B RV for sale by the owner in Andover, Minnesota. Unlocking Adventure: Exploring the 1990 Ford E250 Falcon 19 Class B. In the realm of recreational vehicles, the 1990 Ford E250 Falcon 19 Class B stands tall as a symbol of enduring quality and unwavering reliability. With its robust 351V8 fuel-injected engine, clocking in at a mere 87,000 miles, this Texas-born vehicle beckons adventurers with promises of unforgettable journeys. Let's delve into why this classic camper van remains a cherished choice for those seeking both comfort and exploration.

Unveiling Performance: At the heart of the 1990 Ford E250 Falcon 19 Class B lies a powerhouse - the 351V8 engine. Renowned for its durability and efficiency, this engine ensures a smooth and dependable ride, whether cruising down highways or navigating off-the-grid trails. With 87,000 miles under its belt, it's merely broken in, promising years of memorable travels ahead.

Maker Falcon
Model 190
Year 1990
Class B
Length 19 FT
Slide No
Self Contained Yes
Engine Ford V8
Fuel Type Gas
Drive RWD
Transmission Automatic
Mileage 66000
Condition Used
Insurance N/A
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Maroon, Brown

Built to Last: One of the most enticing aspects of this Class B camper is its Texas heritage, boasting a body and chassis free from the corrosion commonly associated with vehicles from harsher climates. Its resilience against rust ensures not just a visually appealing exterior but also speaks volumes about its structural integrity, providing peace of mind for adventurers embarking on extended journeys.

Tires for the Long Haul: A recent upgrade adds to the allure of this vintage gem - brand new tires with a mere 1,000 miles on them. Fresh treads not only enhance safety but also indicate a commitment to maintaining this vehicle's roadworthiness. Whether traversing rugged terrains or gliding along scenic routes, these tires are primed to carry you to your destination with confidence.

Functional Amenities: Embarking on adventures necessitates certain creature comforts, and the 1990 Ford E250 Falcon 19 Class B delivers on all fronts. All appliances within this camper are fully functional, ensuring that the conveniences of home accompany you on your travels. From cooking up a storm in the kitchenette to unwinding in the cozy interior after a day of exploration, every aspect is thoughtfully designed to enhance your camping experience.

In a world where modernity often eclipses tradition, the 1990 Ford E250 Falcon 19 Class B stands as a testament to timeless quality and enduring appeal. With its robust performance, rust-resistant build, fresh tires, and fully functional amenities, it beckons adventurers to unlock new horizons and create lasting memories on the open road. Embrace the spirit of exploration and embark on your next adventure with confidence, knowing that the Falcon 19 Class B is ready to accompany you every step of the way.


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