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1980 Dodge Apollo 3300 RV

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

1980 Dodge Apollo 3300 RV

For Sale, 1980 Dodge Apollo 3300 RV

Price: $4,000
Used RV for Sale, Rediscovering Elegance: A Glimpse into the Timeless Appeal of the 1980 Apollo 3300 Motorhome. Nestled in the charming town of Placerville, California, a hidden gem awaits those with a penchant for classic Class A RVs. Meet the 1980 Apollo 3300 Motorhome – a vintage beauty that stands as a testament to enduring craftsmanship and timeless allure. With approximately 33 feet of nostalgia, powered by a robust Dodge 440 V8 engine paired with an automatic transmission, this motorhome has gracefully weathered nearly half a century, spending its recent years in the embrace of a well-kept barn.

Hard to find imperfection from here, closer inspection is a must. Buying a used motorhome, such as the 1980 Dodge Apollo 3300, requires careful consideration to ensure you make an informed decision and avoid potential issues.

Maker Apollo
Model 3300
Year 1980
Class A
Length 33 FT
Engine Dodge 440 V8
Fuel Type Gas
Drive RWD
Transmission Automatic
Mileage 23K
Condition Used / Mint
Insurance N/A
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Brown

Detail by RV owner

1980 3300 Apollo RV with Dodge 440 V8!

Are you in search of the perfect tiny home on wheels, a unique Airbnb rental, or a cozy guesthouse for your property? Look no further! We're offering an incredible opportunity to own a classic 1980 33ft Apollo 3300 RV powered by the legendary Dodge 440 V8 engine. This vintage beauty is not just a vehicle; it's a potential income generator or a fantastic mobile home to call your own.

Only 23k miles. Well Maintained in a barn for many years.

1 owner had the RV, drove it across the country and back then parked it and there it sat in a barn until last year.
The engine starts up and runs strong. There is a possible vacuum leak as there is not much power to drive but the engine sounds great.
All fluids topped off this summer, brakes bled, etc.
It was towed to my house as it's not road-ready but we did drive it up my driveway with a little help from a truck.
New Chrome Carb Filter ready to rock.
Text for video walk through or more pictures.
Trade offers open.

More Deatils:
1. Spacious Interior: The Apollo 3300 offers ample space with a roomy living area, a fully-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and a separate sleeping area, making it perfect for full-time living or a cozy getaway.
2. Vintage Charm: The 1980s aesthetic of this RV exudes retro charm, which can be beautifully restored to maintain its classic appeal or customized to your unique taste.
3. Dodge 440 V8 Engine: The robust Dodge 440 V8 engine provides plenty of power to transport the RV wherever you desire, giving you the freedom to explore different locations.
4. Potential Income Generator: Use this RV as a unique Airbnb rental or a guesthouse on your property to generate additional income. Its mobility allows you to maximize your earnings by providing accommodations for travelers and adventurers.
5. Affordable Living: If you're looking for an affordable housing solution, this RV is a cost-effective way to own your tiny home without breaking the bank.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a unique piece of mobile history that can serve as your cozy home or an income-generating addition to your property. Contact me today to arrange a viewing and discover the endless possibilities this 1980 Apollo 3300 RV with a Dodge 440 V8 has to offer.


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