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Dodge Travco RV Project

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Dodge Travco RV Project For Sale

For Sale, Dodge Travco RV Project

Price: $600
Used RV for Sale, Found this iconic Dodge Travco RV project offered for sale on Craigslist in Lockport, Illinois. Hard to find today, it could be one potential example to restore on the market today. The appearance looks a good shape and is ready for expert touch to make it work.

It is not for common people, sold as is, needs towing, is wider works needed, and a lot of funds to invest into it to bring back its top form. The Travco was listed a day ago on Craigslist and was still online when we posted it here. Interested, please read more below.

Maker Dodge
Model Travco
Year 1967
Class A
Length 26 Ft
Slide No
Self Contained Yes
Engine Dodge
Fuel Type Gas
Drive FWD
Transmission Automatic
Mileage 32,992
Condition Used
Insurance N/A
Exterior Color White
Interior Color

Detail by owner
Looking for a fixer-upper?
maybe Looking to break bad? start a rolling chemistry lab?
Homeless or getting kicked out of the house? this is better than sleeping under a bridge! we will tow it down by a river for you.
Look no further!

This is the perfect RV for going to visit your cousin Clark Griswald at Christmas!! (it might've even been the same RV that was in the movie?!? I doubt it, but it's old enough)

NO TITLE!!!!!!!! We have applied for a salvage tittle!!! (Read below for more info) NO KEYS!!!!

True CLASSIC!!! (a classic pos?)
its a 1960's Dodge / Travco piece of junk RV with ONLY 32,992 Miles!!!!! (maybe 1,032,992 miles?)
It is reasonably clean inside.
It appears that someone started to re-hab and fix this up and then it was parked illegally and then towed by us for the police.
It might start, run, and drive, but we HAVE NO KEYS, so we have no clue.
We are unable to decode or run the VIN
near as we can tell, this is from the 60's- We think its a 1967

NO TITLE!!!!!!
we have filed for an Illinois secretary of state salvage certificate. WE HAVE NO TITLE IN HAND!!! when it gets mailed to me, it will be mailed to you.
If you do not know what a Salvage title is, please familiarize yourself first.

(apparently, I need to really emphasize that we HAVE NO TITLE! Because people can’t seem to read)

I cannot emphasize the “POS” (piece of sh*t) portion of this ad enough!!!!!!!

If you are looking for an RV that’s going to be able to drive around the country, or even drive back-and-forth from Wisconsin, this is NOT the unit you want!!!!! (unless you’re going to tow it back-and-forth with the tow truck)

If you’re looking for something you can park in the backyard, for your in-laws to stay in when they visit, and this thing never moves, this is perfect!

Again: WE DO NOT HAVE A TITLE OR KEYS FOR THE RV!!!!!!!!!! We have filed for salvage title!

sold as-is, no work on it in our lot.

I just want this thing gone!

Call Jim or Rob, at 773-631-6200.
text preferred

$600 w/ FREE TOW (within 20 min drive one way & easy drop)
The cabinet and the plywood, alone are probably worth the $500!!
(Tolls and Expenses NOT included, over 20 min: ask for quote)
Pretty firm on the price as we now have more time, labor and parts into this.

Towing available.
Conveniently Located in Locktucky!... (sorry, I meant Lockport)


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