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Classically Restored GMC Motorhome Palm Beach

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Classically Restored GMC Motorhome Palm Beach

For Sale, Classically Restored GMC Motorhome Palm Beach

Price: $58,000
Used RV for Sale, Found this a classically restored example offered for sale in Ojai, California. It's a 26 feet long class A GMC Motorhome finished palm beach 1975 model, painstakingly restored to remain in its original trim. It could be the perfect home for those who appreciate original interiors with attention to detail.

The GMC was listed on Craigslist about 16 days ago, still online when we posted it here. The RV carries an Oldsmobile V8 engine that has installed new fuel injection and has a lot of tuned-up parts, power delivered to front-wheel drive by an automatic transmission. Interested, please read more below.

Maker GMC
Model Royale Motorhome
Year 1975
Class A
Length 26 ft
Engine Oldsmobile
Fuel Type Gas
Drive FWD
Transmission Automatic
Mileage 86338
Condition Used
Insurance N/A
Exterior Color Palm Beach
Interior Colorr Custom

Detail RV by owner
1975 GMC Palm Beach Class A Motorhome
26ft of pure 70s style and cool.

This immaculately-restored 1975 GMC Palm Beach is the perfect home for those who appreciate original interiors with attention to detail.

This sleek design features ORIGINAL captains’ chairs that rotate fully to create an entertaining/seating area for 7. A collapsible table between two (also rotating) chairs creates a dining, desk, or playing card area for 1 or 2. The stylish sofa transforms easily into a set of comfortable bunk beds, while the double bed in back converts into a large dining table with banquette seating for 4.

Restored with ORIGINAL 1970s shag carpeting, ORIGINAL green plaid upholstery, with ORIGINAL cabinetry and detailing! This lean green machine is so far out it’s back again.

Maybe you’re a GMC aficionado and would like to raise the doghouse and show your friends your newly installed fuel injector, recently tuned engine, new hoses, break pads and belts... or perhaps you prefer keeping it closed while enjoying the creature comforts inside, such as your Bluetooth sound system with ejection screen and backup camera that was recently installed along with your new, refreshing AC system. When finished, step outside under one of your two striped awnings (full awning not pictured) and relax in the shade while enjoying the new paint job that brought your GMC back to its ORIGINAL glory.

This chic number is as suitable for a family of four vacationing down the American open road, forming memories and collecting stories, as it is a permanent home for a wandering Bohemian soul. Perhaps even the perfect guesthouse, adorning your property in all its 70s glam while serving as a friendlier alternative to building. The opportunities are endless when you’re the proud owner of a beautifully-restored, unmissable piece of American automotive history like the Palm Beach.

*Fun Fact. Vehicles 1975 and older do not need to be smog tested.

We have put a lot into this vehicle. All work listed below was performed by specialists and professionals.

Powertrain—Mechanical and Automotive recent repairs and upgrades

Installed new fuel injection
Engine Tuned Up (Plugs, Wires, Cap & Rotor)
Oil changed (Includes Filter)
New upper & lower hoses
New bypass and heater hoses to water heater
New thermostat
Sealed and recharged auto R12 air conditioning
New engine water pump
New AC Belt (other belts currently new)
Degreased and cleaned both engine and transmission
Brakes Fronts—turn rotors and new pads
Brakes Middle Axle—turn rotors and new pads
Brakes Rear Axle—turn drums, new shoes & wheel cylinders
Replaced upper and lower control arms
New tires (6) (best to spare) or 7 Tires
New rear air suspension valves (2)
Rebuilt dash board air control panel
Repaired horn
Radiator flushed
Bled and flushed hydraulic system

Recently Completed Exterior/Body Work

Replaced/Upgraded ceiling fans (includes remote controls)
NEW AC! (2) Dometic Brisk2 Air Conditioners (installed)
Install new 400W Solar Power System (exterior)
Sealed and reinstalled awnings
Propane tank—Sealed, cleaned, rust & paint
Polished Wheels
Painted Mirror Bases
Replaced front porch light
New Power Door Locks/Keyless entry/Alarm
New Tank Sensors (Water, Black, Propane)
Light wet sanded entire exterior & clear coat paint job
Painted Grill & Headlight Bezels origin Sliver/Black
Paint touched up on missing area decals
Polished and Cleared with paint job ladder & roof rack
Polish Bumpers
Replace rusted out bumper bolts to stainless steel
New Side Window Seals (body to window frame)
Replaced Side Window Seals (seals glass to body; waterproofs)
Sanded and repaint ed window frames (exterior)
New Windshields (right & left)
New Wiper Blades
Removed/Resealed and or repaired 5 roof running lights (exterior)
Sealed & repaired all holes on roof seams (exterior)
Repaired crack in roof Storage pod (exterior, seal pod to roof)

Interior Restoration - Recently Completed

Repaired and Reupholstered both Captains Chairs
Shampooed carpets
Made matching carpet runners
Furniture Restoration—disassembled furniture, laundered
fabrics,added new foam and upholstery boards/buttons
New Headliner
Repaired & repainted front and rear headliner caps
Cleaned & touched up dashboard
Repaired & repainted all interior trim
New Upper wall upholstery with ABS
Tuned/fixed Driver & Passenger shoulder seat belts
Upholstered head bump pads (Cabinet ends)
Fixed refrigerator
Refinished wooden upper cabinet doors
Refinished wooden lower cabinet doors
Reconditioned sink & cutting boards
Replaced dash table leg
Remade all curtains
Replaced (1) map light & (1) ceiling light (vintage)
Reconditioned dash gauges/switches/digital Panel
New Stereo/ in dash NAV/front speaker pods
New Reverse Camera/Side Camera
Reseal Kitchen faucet
Install energy inverter charger combo
New Water Pump
Recondition water tank

A new trailer hitch has been welded on - it is great for a bike rack or other light duty but it is absolutely not suitable for towing a trailer of any size.

We also have a boatload of old documents from the original seller and spare parts etc.


Update listing of the Royale, GMC Motorhome

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