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1984 Toyota Sunrader 21 Feet Long Self-Contained RV

Thursday, July 27, 2023

1984 Toyota Sunrader 21 Feet Long Self-Contained RV

For Sale, 1984 Toyota Sunrader 21 Feet Long Self-Contained RV

Price: $6,900
Used RV for sale by owner, Found a Toyota Sunrader being offered for sale by the owner on Craigslist in Oregon. This small fiberglass self-contained RV made by Sunrader based on 1984 Toyota Hilux chassis feature a 20R 4-Cylinders engine backed by a 4-speed manual transmission with about 80382 miles on it. If you’re looking for a camper and just go to the camp, this is not for you. The 39 years RV is in fair condition, not perfect, mechanical and functional sides need a lot of work, but it has the potential bone to be restored.

Something like this 21 feet long Sunrader would be more roomy and comfortable than the Westfalia camper but need high garaged if you want to keep it inside. At least as reliable, and get similar mpg at around 15-18 mpg or so. Interested, please read the details below.

Maker Sunrader
Model Sunrader
Year 1984
Class C
Length 21 FT
Engine Toyota 20R 4-Cylinders
Fuel Type Gas
Drive RWD
Transmission Manual
Mileage 80382
Condition Used / Fair
Insurance N/A
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Brown

Detail by owner
The Toyota Sunrader is a cult favorite thanks to its tough, resilient all-fiberglass construction. It’s small (21 feet long) and light, known to get 14-18 MPG on regular gasoline. Sleeps 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 kids!

I bought this little rig from my neighbor in August 2020, put less than 5,000 miles on her. She was named "Poppy" and it stuck.

* 1984
* 80382 miles
* 4-speed manual transmission
* (the legendary) 20R engine

There are many things that work, but if it were perfect I wouldn't be selling it! So let's get the issues out of the way...

1/ Intermittent herky-jerky running. I've read articles suggesting causes for the shuddering & jerking and many of those things (fuel filter etc.) have already been done. Maybe they need to be done again? See https://www.mydriversedge.com/10-possible-reasons-your-car-jerks-while-accelerating/ for discussion.

2/ Leaks: Small leak in rear driver side corner, through screw-holes for the roof-rack-thing. Water has entered that wall and the paneling is buckled as a result. Previous leaks around cab-over windows? I have never seen water leak there, but the paneling was damaged when I got it.

3/ Both ceiling vents need work (one in bath, one in main space). Both of them broke/blew off. I bought replacement lids only, but it turns out they don't fit correctly. When they are adjusted all the way down they are still open by an inch or two. Solution: replace the entire unit instead of the lid only OR find lids that have the right hinge AND the right shape (current ones are right hinge but wrong shape).

4/ Cabin door lock broke recently. Latch/handle works fine, just the lock is broken.

5/ Seller said fridge worked for him, but I have had no success with fridge on shore, battery or propane. I haven't done any hardcore troubleshooting.

6/ I have never gotten the oven to work, I haven't done any hardcore troubleshooting.

7/ Roof-rack-thing is not solidly attached. The layers of caulk etc around the screws suggest an ongoing problem.

8/ The numbnuts at Jiffy Lube sent me off without screwing the oil cap back on. The engine is dirty!

9/ The clasps closing the awning are broken. It's wired shut and I have never opened it, so I don't know what kind of condition it's in.

10/ Audio is a cassette deck that is now just an AM/FM radio

11/ Registration is NOT current because I decided to sell it and if it sells out of state, that's money down the drain. It expired around March 2023.

12/ Lining material on roof is detatched in a couple places.

13/ Upholstery & finishes are worn. Floor was replaced in the past, not a stellar job.

14/ Rear axle duelly/foolie issue… I’m actually unclear on this question. It has been modified from factory original.


1/ Hey, I'm honest! Really! I am not concealing any known issues from my fellow Toy fans.

2/ Toilet was replaced by previous owner right before selling, works great.

3/ Previous owner installed a brand-new water heater right before selling. I never used it -- I just heat my dishwater on the stove. I’ve never used the shower, hot or cold, but water does come out of it!

4/ All windows are intact, no evidence of current leaking. Cab windows operate fine.

5/ All the plumbing seems to work fine. I drained it all in 2021 for the winter, and just used it dry a few times after that. So it's currently drained and dry, but I had no problems with the water tank, the gray water tank, or the black water tank.

6/ When I bought it I saw some mouse poop, but I have never seen a mouse or any evidence of rodents except the poop which predated me.

(I will go through my records & post what I've had done -- I replaced catalytic converter (Sept 2020); got carb rebuild; one other big repair...?)

Hit me up with questions or come see it in beautiful SE Portland, Oregon!


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