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Meaning of Self-Contained RV

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Meaning of Self-Contained RV

What is a Self-Contained RV? Do You Need One?

Used RV Blog, The original concept of the RV was for a vacation camp or simply as a second home that could be moved anywhere the owner wanted.

Today not limited by destinations, but in a broad sense, by adventurers, the RV is the ultimate home, who are always outside to enjoy their life on the road and living inside the RV.

And many out there, some of you work part-time or go to college and occupy an area or city only temporarily, but don't want to be bothered with the cost of an apartment, then an RV is the perfect solution.

So here we take a look at what kind of RVs can perfectly accommodate the above goals.

So many models and variations of RV are offered by manufacturers to accommodate the various needs of their consumers, and certain classes or terms are created to be easy to understand.

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And today, talk about the term self-contained RV, lets's a look at the concept. What are the kinds, how big are they, what are they different from other RVs, and do you need one?

“Self-contained” means having everything you need to live in your RV without depending on outside sources. It doesn't matter which type it comes from (Class A, B, C, or Travel Trailer) as long as has standard amenities as a living place at a small or full-size, so possible to make or store foods in it, and has a complete bathroom with tank system for holding water, especially a fresh water supply and wastewater from sinks, shower as well as from the toilet, also can access to power or even heat on it, then we can call as a Self-contained RV.

Standard amenities of a self-contained RV are a toilet and a shower, with three holding tanks for fresh water, gray water, and black water. In addition, have access to 12V power and also usually have a small refrigerator, stove, and sink.

A self-contained RV is fabulous to have when boondocking because you won't have to worry about finding a bathroom to meet worse nature calls!

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So if you're looking best experience of boondocking, bringing a self-contained RV is a must, no matter with built-in or portable specs. Having a self-contained RV makes your camping experience much more enjoyable, and it could be more pleasing for those who are far from home temporarily, without a rented apartment needed.

Small, micro, or tiny is the same call for the smallest self-contained RVs. Technically, are based on Class B or C RVs, but there are many self-built camper vans out there of similar size that are also self-contained. With the Smallest self-Contained RV, despite their small size compared to Class A or Super C RVs, you can still count on them, thanks to the same amenities.

Not all recreational vehicles are self-contained, there are many RVs out there that don't have a toilet or a water tank system, or a refrigerator (the owner uses campground restrooms or public restrooms). A few examples of this would be a small travel trailer, camper van, and a few transit or school bus conversions, which generally aren't considered self-contained because they require outside amenities.
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