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Man World Overland Expedition Four-Wheel-Drive Camper

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

For Sale, Man World Overland Expedition Four-Wheel-Drive Camper

Price: $100,000 Contact: SOLD
Used RV for sale by owner, found this unique 4x4 motorhome offered on Craigslist for a $100K location in San Diego, California. Look tough and would be a perfect RV for your adventure journey. As shown here is a custom-built expedition Four-Wheel-Drive camper based on European truck chassis 1993 MAN, built and customized in 2020.

If you're looking for something special combined with highly all-terrain capabilities, this RV could be perfect for you, bringing the comfort of home in the wilds.

Motor Homes for Sale
Make Model Adventure Camper Year 1993
Class C Exterior Color Grey Engine MAN
Fuel Type Diesel Interior Color Mileage 19300
Length Condition Used Insurance N/A

Detail by seller
The camper is listed for sale at $475,000 OBO, including all accessories and equipment (outside tables, chairs, $10,000 of spare parts, wheel chocks, gloves, jack for tire changing, tools, dishes, engine oil, transmission oil, etc.). Some changes since I first posted this a few days ago on Craigslist is that the camper is now fully imported and comes with a clear title and registration in the USA. New pictures of the interior have now been added as well (see link at the end to a Google folder). There is also a video at the end.

Brief Overview: This is a very unique, custom-built four-wheel-drive expedition camper for the buyer who wants the specialized options this expedition camper has to offer. This is a turn-key expedition camper, with everything included to start your tour to anywhere in the world, on or off-road! It is a fully-maintained, low-mileage, camper ready-to-roll. There are detailed pictures and descriptions that will help to understand all of the features packed into this expedition camper. I personally supervised the selection of the basis truck and building of this expedition camper, from start to finish, visiting the construction workshop several times in Europe. The design and construction were planned and supervised by university-educated engineers trained in vehicle design, construction, and final assembly. Additionally, I personally imported the camper to meet all United States Customs, DOT, and EPA requirements and I have all of the documentation. The camper is fully titled and registered in the State of Montana. Please read the description below as it outlines the build quality and features of this expedition camper.

Overview of Truck: The camper is built on a MAN truck chassis, with the following specifications listed below; separate areas for the truck and the camper section. The truck was originally selected for the renowned MAN truck quality, very high-quality maintenance by the municipal fire department during its life, as well as low number of kilometers/miles at approximately 19,300 at this time. This year range of MAN trucks is considered to be of higher quality than Mercedes, Scania, and Volvo, yet being a very simple truck without advanced electronics to provide a solid, and reliable, foundation worldwide.

Make: MAN, https://www.mantruckandbus.com/en/man.html
Year: 1993
Model: 18,322
Mileage: 19,300 total miles on the truck (31,000 kilometers)
Previous Use of Truck: One-owner, owned and maintained by German municipal government as a fire truck until the camper conversion. Ease of Driving: It is a large camper, but fairly easy to drive with all the features, including power steering, power brakes, power clutch, 4-sided cameras, lots of mirrors, dual suspension of air and leaf springs, and a high-vantage point. It will take a bit of getting used to if you have not driven a motorhome before.
Facelift: The truck fa├žade was updated to look like the newest generation truck and the entire front of the truck adapted with new, OEM, parts from MAN Truck Company.
Capacity: 20 US Ton Truck Rating (18 Metric Ton Truck Capacity).
Axles: Two.
Horsepower: 237kW = 322HP.
Fuel Economy: Estimated around 8-10.5 mpg, depending on speed and terrain.
Dimensions: length = 29.5 feet (without motorcycle/bicycle rack); width = 8.3 feet; height = 12.1 feet.
Fuel Type: Diesel, non-restricted and will run on any grade fuel available in any country. There is no AdBlue/DEF requirement, exact reason for selecting this model truck. There are twin tanks with separate locking gas caps on each side. Total fuel = 330 gallons.
Transmission: ZF Transmission, 16-speed, with half-gears full-time 4x4, with locking axles (rear and front to rear).
Environmental Class: Euro 1.
Wheel Size: 375 / 90R22.5. Five wheels come with the expedition camper, to include a full-sized spare /wheel combination and an electronic winch, if needed, to lower the wheel to ground level. The wheel mounted on the lower rack will move down with the rack in the back and roll-off directly at ground level. There is a jack and all tools included with the camper.
Steering: Power Steering.
Maximum Speed: 110 km maximum (68mph) and 90 km (56mph) at an engine RPM speed of 1500 rpm - that's in the middle of the optimal green area on the RPMs. Some questions have surfaced on making it go faster – this is possible with the easiest way being increasing the wheel size, next changing the gearing, and lastly driving it outside of the green zone and consuming more fuel. Personally, I think the maximum speed is sufficient and one does not have to be in a hurry driving this camper.
Reinforced Braking System: The braking system has been upgraded, with larger cylinders, for increased braking for the appropriate weight the camper.
Snorkel: A custom snorkel was adapted in the front grill to bring the air collection all the way to the same level as the top of the camper. It is a very nice adaptation as you can see from the pictures. Extra air filters are included.
Suspension: Suspension on leaf springs and additional automatically controlled air suspension – comfort like in a bus as well as leveling when stationary as each of the four wheels can be controlled individually. The leaf spring system is a redundant system if the air suspension malfunctions – two, fully separate suspensions for added reliability.
Doors: 5 doors in the driving cabin, 4 full-size doors to outside, and one inside door to link the driving cabin and camper. Two, very secure doors, between the camper and the driving cabin for added security.
Interior Height: Altered for 6-foot plus walk-around as well as a full-sized door between truck and camper.
Seats: 4 MAN-brand seats. Front driving seats fully pneumatic and heated. Two rear seats are foldable to create a huge area in the driving area (providing additional floor space for possible sleeping of children). The rear seats have a Webasto heater in between them for added comfort in cold environment.
Seat Heating: The two driving seats area heated.
Heater: Webasto Heater, 2kw, driving cab heating.
Air Conditioning: Roof-top mounted air-conditioning for the driving area (additional unit for the camper area). Dometic 2kw system. Remote included.
Television Screen: On the passenger side, there is an electronically controlled television screen for passenger viewing while traveling – or outside of the camper area when parked for two screens in different parts of the camper. Remote included.
Coffee and Tea Service: A coffee maker and tea kettle are included alongside their respective area.
Refrigeration: Smaller refrigeration for the cabin to hold cold drinks in the center area.
Frame: The frame for the truck portion is original. The camper portion is mounted on custom-built fully-torsion free subframe of the highest standards adapted from military technology. It allows full four-way movement of the camper, independent from the truck frame.
Electronics: Each side of the truck (front, back, left, and right – 360-degree view) has a permanently camera mounted which can be viewed on the dash during operation or when stationary for added security.
Communication: A CB radio is mounted with an external antenna.
Radio, GPS, and Bluetooth: A modern touch-screen system is mounted on a custom-built pod and contains many features, including radio and Bluetooth connectivity. This also includes built-in satellite navigation (GPS). Maps will need to be updated from European maps currently installed.
Leather Features: The entire camper is fitted with custom-made genuine leather covering over many areas of the doors and seating areas.
Flooring: Engineered wood is used throughout the cabin area. Custom ‘grass’ inserts are included for protection.
LED Lighting: Multiple LED lights mounted on front of the truck to turn night-time into day-time.
Storage: Voluminous amounts of storage throughout the entire cabin area.
Horns: The traditional horn is mounted in the center of the steering wheel and there is a button for four (4) large air-compressed horns mounted on the left and right side of truck. This horn will be noticed!
Insulation: The truck portion is fully insulated in the doors, floor, ceiling, and dash to eliminate the engine noise as well as to insulate the driving area from cold and heat.
Sound Proofing: Extensive sound-proofing was completed in doors, ceiling and floors to ensure a quiet driving cabin. This was thoughtfully completed due to the large diesel engine.
Sunroof: Electronically operated sunroof with mosquito net.
Door Locks: Central Locking System, with custom locking so that the right-side rear door can be left unlocked during day-use.
Other: Multiple USB ports throughout camper.

Overview of Camper/Box: The camper is built of steel and skinned with aluminum. The camper is less than two-years old with 10-14 nights camping. It is professionally designed, engineered, and constructed with many, unique features that make full-time living, or simply a weekend, all very possible.

Year of Build: It took over 16 months of near, full-time work, to complete the camper from start to finish. It was completed in late-2020 and has about 10-14 nights of camping inside the actual camper. It is fresh and neither the camper, nor the cabin, have ever been smoked in. Genuine leather is the only smell when entering.
Building Process of External Skeleton: The entire skeleton is custom-made steel, expertly hand-crafted frame. The external skin is thick 2mm aluminum skin and chemically treated prior to several coats of high-quality German paint. All walls, ceiling, and floors area are fully insulated to the camper for cold and warm environments.
Expansion Joints: There are expansion joints both horizontally and vertically on all parts of the outside skin to allow for expansion and contraction during climate changes. You will notice these in the pictures as blue molding.
Sandwich Construction of Camper Walls: 2mm of aluminum, 4cm of insulation external, 5cm insulation inside, lastly paneling. Quite robust and well insulated. You can see in some of the pictures the insulation during the building process.
Internal Cabinets, Shower, Sinks, Etc.: All seating areas, cabinets, shower, beds, and tables are constructed out of a steel sub-frame first with a robust internal framework before any finishing (wood, leather, etc.) are installed on top. This construction is directly connected to the external frame. This creates a very durable, long-lasting build that is also extremely quiet during driving.
Number of Beds: There are five sleeping places with the following two dimensions: bed area 1: 78 inches x 62 inches; bed area 2: 82 inches x 55 inches. Furthermore, you could sleep children in the truck cabin on a floor mattress. Lastly, there is room for a roof-top tent on top if you would like to mount one there. Plenty of room for this size camper.
Seats for Driving: There are four seat-belted seats in the driving cabin and an additional 8 seats, without seat-belts, in the camper for a total of 12 seating places (if the master bedroom is converted to a table area).
Central Seating Areas: Two central areas area available; one in the main camper and the rear bedroom can convert to an office when not used as a bedroom.
Bathroom/Shower: A full-sized shower and toilet area. Porcelain and ceramic tile used throughout the bathroom. A modern waterfall style shower head is in the shower area. LED modern light fixture Very spacious and complete. A specialized radiator is in the shower area for warmth as well as drying towels.
Toilet: Thetford Toilet with external waste access: simple, reliable, an easy to use. You can dispose of sewage in a regular toilet without having to use a dedicated sewage clean-out area.
Television: Permanently mounted Sony 43” television. Remote included. Satellite system included.
Stove: Gas stove with four (4) burners: 3 gas and 1 electric.
Oven: Gas oven with two separate sections. Extractor hood.
Treated Water Supply: Three water supplies: (1) single filter; (2) two filter; and (3) five-filter reverse osmosis system for any water supply encountered. Filtering systems stored out-of-way under seating areas.
Microwave: Microwave oven, never used.
Refrigerator/Freezer: A large-sized refrigerator/freezer, 160 liters. This will run on shore power, 24-volt, and LPG.
Washing Machine: Camper washing machine. Never used.
Air Conditioning: Dometic 2kW. Keeps you very cold and can run while camper is driving, parked, and be powered by batteries of generator for longer periods of time Remote included.
Windows: All windows, open and close, have screens, and also shades.
Sunroofs: Two (2) sunroofs with mosquito nets and sunscreens.
Wardrobe: Large wardrobe for jackets, full length clothes, etc.
Storage: EXCESSIVE storage throughout camper. All available areas are used to provide a large volume of storage.
Heater: Webasto 11kW (diesel) water with air distribution. While driving it is also possible to heat/warm-up the camper using the engine heater. Heater on Back Wall of Master Bedroom: On the wall of the master bedroom, there is a heater integrated into the wall to provide radiant heat in colder climates.
Fireplace: The gas fireplace becomes very warm within 3 minutes and heats-up the entire camper as well as provides ambience.
Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors.
Privacy Screen: A privacy screen is placed between the master bedroom and the general area if there are multiple beds being use.
Lighting: LED interior lighting plus night lighting.
Weather Station: Full weather station with radio sensor. There is a simple one inside and the other reports to the touch-screen information system in the driving cabin,
Radio: Three stereo radios. One in the master bedroom and the other in the general camper area. This is in addition to the radio in the driving cab. Remotes included.
USB Sockets: Six (6) USB sockets.
Specialized Voltage: 220 volt and 110-volt sockets. Different options for whatever country you may be traveling. Fully integrated with solar, invertor, batteries, etc.
Workstation/Desks: Both bedding areas convert to a workstation/table and allow the flexibility to design your sleeping and sitting areas.
Hidden Safe: There is a safe that is hidden inside the camper to store valuables.
Satellite Dish: MegaSat System: A retractable satellite dish is mounted on top of the camper, connected into the camper. I have not checked-in to adaptability of the signal in North America, but it does function in Europe. You will likely need to obtain a decoder for the continents you will be visiting.

Overview of Outside of Camper/Truck: Many custom features complement that camper for storage, fuel capacity, clean water capacity, carrying equipment, loading 2 -3 motorcycles, and outside living complementing the inside features.

Solar System: 4 full-sized panels with 860 watts.
Fresh Water: 166 gallons (630 liters) of fresh water.
Gray Water: 80 gallons (300 liters).
Fuel Tanks of Diesel: 330 gallons (1250 liters). It is an expensive fill-up with such large capacity, designed for a range of 3000+ miles on a single fill. When travelling the world, this can be useful to fill-up the tanks in the cheaper country and bypass the more expensive.
Propane: Two gas bottle areas, one connected with four (4) manifolds to different parts of the camper and the other stored for back-up.
External Generator: 3-phase 6.5kW generator, gasoline-powered. Brand new and never used.
Awning/Sunshade: 13-foot (4 meter) awning. High-quality Thule brand.
Solar Power: 660w on the roof above the camper + 200w above driver’s cab for a total of 860 watts for solar power. Fully integrated into the power grid.
Electricity and Water Connections: External connections for both.
Battery Supplies: 225 Ampere Hours x 4 = 900, cabin and living area. This is fed through alternator as well as solar power or generator.
Outside Shower: One outside shower with hot and cold water to be used for bathing or washing anything outside of the camper.
External Gas Connection: One connection for external stove and/or grill.
Motorcycle and Bicycle Rack: External, electrically controlled retractable luggage rack at a capacity of 2400 pounds (1100kg). The is very robust and can haul a great deal of weight of any motorcycle(s) of your choice. The rack lowers down for ground-level loading. The rack also holds a full-sized wheel and tire. Depending on the width, it could hold up to three, full-sized motorcycles. Lots of external storage on this rack for kayaks, small boats, surfboards, etc. There is an additional, separate, brand-new controller included.
Roof Deck/Terrace: 65 square feet of roof area with high-quality decking material.
Staircase: Retractable landing with folding stairs for dual-direction stairs to lead into camper. These are stored in a custom-made, locked, box near the rear of the camper.
External Storage: Many stainless-steel boxes for storage with voluminous storage throughout.
Exterior Lighting: Extremely bright lights for external lighting (LED) when camping or to be used when parking in a dimly-lit area.
Exterior Cameras: Four (4) cameras for exterior views when in motion of stationary, connected to screen on dash.
Mosquito Net: Camper entrance has retractable mosquito netting.
Tools: All jacks, tools, gloves, etc. are included to change the tires.
External Air Systems: Air chuck on outside of camper as well as long hose to fill any of the tires or any other air use, including a pneumatic wrench to remove lug-nuts on the wheels. As the truck uses air-brakes, this is supplied thorough the engine and the amount of air is unlimited. This can be used to air-up, air-down, or simply checking tire pressure at any time.
Table and Chairs: One set of table, benches, and chairs is included.
Wheel Chocks: A set of wheel chocks is included.
Three Winches: Front = 10 metric tons (22,000 pounds), electric; rear = 7 metric tons (15,400 pounds), electric and also operates the hoist for the rear rack; rear Power Take-Off (PTO) = 20 metric tons (44,000 pounds).
Trailer Hitch: There is a trailer hitch on the rear for towing.
Massive Storage: including ‘garage’ from one side to the other under master bedroom.

Overview of Unique Features: This expedition camper is set-apart from many expedition campers in this class with many customer features listed below.

Connection Between Camper and Truck: There is a two-door, secure walkway between the driver’s cab and the living area. The unique design has a full-size walk-through and not a tunnel like most European expedition campers. The roof of the original truck was raised to allow the high ceilings in driving cabin and to allow for this full-sized door between the driving cabin and camper. This also provides privacy if the driving area is used for floor sleeping or watching a movie on the cabin fold-down screen (remote included).
Electrical System of 110 and 220 Volts: This particular system is quite unique and designed by me. The is a world-wide electrical system as it is dual-voltage. The camper can be plugged into shore power of either voltage and the entire camper, and all systems, will run perfectly as the entire power grid is designed for this. Additionally, there are North America outlets and European outlets throughout the camper. Truly a world system without restrictions or worries.
Rear Bumper Retraction: The rear bumper can swivel to provide additional ground clearance for added departure angle clearance.
Driver’s Cabin Stairs: The stairs leading to the back-door of the driver’s cabin on the passenger side are automatically retractable allowing additional ground clearance, while providing a very low step while parked. These are pneumatically controlled.
Central Locking System: All doors are centrally locked with the key-fob. Extra key-fob included.
Alarm System: An integrated alarm covers all entry points.

Common Questions: I have listed some additional information that I believe will be helpful.

Licensing and Documentation: The expedition camper has been fully cleared through United States Customs, DOT, EPA, and all duties, bonds, and fees fully paid and documented. It has complied with all requirements and legally entered the USA. It comes from a clear title and registration from Montana and is currently titled in my company’s name in Montana.
Driver’s License Requirement: I am in California and there is no specialized license for any two-wheel camper, except in some states there is an air-brake written test. Please check the requirements of your own state.
Insurance: There are plenty of places that insure specialized campers, regardless of manufacturer. I easily insured this with one phone call, for the stated value, with my regular motorcycle/car insurance company.
Parts and Servicing in North America: MAN has several locations for factory servicing in the United States. I have included the URL here for review: https://settlement.man.eu/settlement/public/client/index.html Also, this is a very low-mileage vehicle that is stated to be able to run over one million miles before an engine or transmission rebuild. This distance should last you the rest of your life. When you need general service for regular maintenance, most regular truck repair facilities should be able to provide this easily. Many spare maintenance parts are included with the truck and spares can be easily ordered.
Maintenance: All maintenance is fully up-to-date. Extra engine oil, transmission oil, windshield washer fluid, etc. are all included with the camper. In regard to the truck, all filters, fluids, belts, hoses, etc. have all recently been updated. There is no back-log of maintenance. Spare Parts: I have the following items that are brand-new, in factory cartons, including: starter, alternator, driveline bearings, turbo charger, air filter for snorkel, oil filters, water filters, gaskets, off-road light covers, etc. This is in excess of $10,000 in future parts, creating a back-up during your travels.
Operations Manuals: All the of appliances, radios, toilets, etc. have the corresponding owner’s manuals with the, often in multiple languages. Disclosure of Accurate Mileage on Truck and Camper: All modern commercial European trucks come with a specialized tachograph/odometer to keep track of the time and distances for legal reasons of the transportation agencies in the European Union to allow law enforcement to monitor speed, time of operation, distances, rest stops, etc. At the time the camper was built, it was necessary to replace this system with a non-commercial system, legally required for non-commercial campers. The replacement unit had 150,000 kilometers on it when installed in the camper during the building process. Documentation available. When we started the original build, the truck had 16,000 kilometers on it from the municipal agency as a fire truck. After the build, there was approximately 15,000 kilometers put on the truck/camper since the camper part was completed, making the total kilometers 31,000. The 15,000 was added in Europe to make certain all systems of the newly made truck were operating at 100% efficiency and any fine-tuning was completed. Total current kilometers on the camper and truck are 31,000 kilometers or 19,000 miles. All of this is verifiable through documentation during the certified inspection process by the government agencies.
Inspection: The expedition camper is completely available for personal inspection in San Diego County from you and/or the mechanic of your choice. All systems are fully functioning 100% and I am confident you will appreciate the quality and uniqueness of this expedition camper. Please be prudent in scheduling an inspection available only to serious potential buyers to value and respect your time and mine.
Reason Selling: I am selling as I bought another, very similar, expedition camper and it is already staged in South America for a coming trip once summer arrives in South America in a few months. Two, similar campers, is simply not in my personal plan at this time. To be clear while bidding, this is not an emergency sale.
Value of the Camper: As this is such a unique overland expedition camper, the question to consider is what is it worth? You will need to determine this as there is no Kelley Blue Book on this sort of high-quality expedition camper. Please compare to other similar expedition campers with these features, including the custom expedition companies in the United States (EarthRoamer, Global Expedition Vehicles, EarthCruiser, and others – as well as European builders (Bliss Mobil, Bocklet, Action Mobil, UniMog, etc.). Mine is available immediately and is a turn-key camper, ready to take you anywhere in the world, with any electricity demands, and any diesel fuel available with no DEF necessary. This camper is much more robust (an 18-ton frame), complete, and capable as compared to the common 4x4 sprinter vans (1-ton). So that you get an idea of taking on something like this, my investment to build this camper was this: searching for the base vehicle in great condition with very low mileage – this took a few years and several in-person trips to source the right truck; expert mechanical engineering on the suspension and truck and camper build; engineering of the electrical systems, including 110-220 volts; design and engineering of the camper and the driving cabin; labor for the entire project of two to four men for almost 16 months; maintenance on the truck to be brought current before the sale; re-undercoating of the camper prior to shipping across the Atlantic Ocean for safety with ocean environment; transportation from Europe to the USA; all importation fees, bonds, duties, documentation, etc. fully paid; trips back and forth to Europe during the build process several times for quality control and on-the-spot changes; legal importation into the USA; title and registration process in the USA; and the intangible time to make this all happen. There were literally thousands of decisions to make, with expert advice, to get to this place with a completed, well-functioning world expedition camper. Think about what goes into something like this and the unique systems developed for a worldwide camper like this. This is truly a world expedition vehicle without limitations! In the end, anything sells for what it is worth – I understand this and know that it needs the correct match between the person who buys this as to their specific needs.
Accuracy in Listing: I have done my best to accurately represent this unique camper to my best ability. Please ask any questions if you are a serious buyer, prepared to buy it.
Current Needs: There is minor detailing and cleaning that needs to be done as it is stored outside (a bit too large for my garage!). Some of the aluminum that covers the gas tanks, and some of the external hardware, needs a bit of polishing due to the salt air during its trans-Atlantic venture from Europe to California (only surface rust). I had a fresh coat of wax prior to shipping to protect all surfaces. The cable on the rear winch that operates the motorcycle lift should eventually be replaced. Besides these cosmetic issues, everything is 100% functional to my knowledge at this time.
Location of Camper: San Diego County, California.
Contact: Please only contact me about the camper and not the builder to respect my ownership and his task as the builder. I am here to answer all your questions, simply ask.

Due-Diligence: Please do your due-diligence to determine if this is the correct expedition vehicle for you and your needs. I am here to answer any and all questions as they come available. My hope is that this introductory text information, matched with the extensive pictures, will provide a starting point for you to evaluate before a personal visit.

Offers: It you are a serious buyer and are in the range of my listed price, we can meet in person and, once you personally view the camper, we can talk about a reasonable offer. Please do not send a written offer without seeing it in person – to value my time and yours. Video Link for Full Views of Inside and Outside Camper: https://youtu.be/rMYZKUah7bw Full Set of Pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Hau7IiFv3cWSfpgXt458KY_PmIW-5TFK?usp=sharing

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