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1987 Dodge Roadtrek

Saturday, January 28, 2017

1987 Dodge Roadtrek

For Sale, Ready to hit the road? Check out this awesome 1987 Dodge Roadtrek!

Price: $7300 SOLD
Used RV for Sale, this used classic Dodge RV being offered for sale in North Park, San Diego asking $7300 in good condition. As shown here is 1987 Dodge Roadtrek has 19 ft long powered by a 5.2 L 318 engine with 3-speed automatic transmission has been driven about 78000 miles.

Roadtreks are known to hold their value, and this one is no exception. The seller is motivated but firm on their asking price. This RV comes fully equipped with the seller's camping gear, ready for your immediate use.

Maker Roadtrek
Model Dodge Ram
Year 1987
Class B
Length 19.5 FT
Slide No
Self Contained Yes
Engine Dodge
Fuel Type Gas
Drive RWD
Transmission Automatic
Mileage 78000
Condition Used / Good
Exterior Color Beige
Interior Color Brown

Looking for a reliable and well-maintained camper van? This classic 1987 Dodge Roadtrek could be your perfect adventure companion! Here's why this beauty stands out:

  • Easy to maneuver and park: At 19.5 feet long, this Roadtrek is perfect for navigating tight spots and finding that ideal campsite.
  • Bulletproof engine: Known for its durability, the 5.2L 318 engine with a 3-speed automatic transmission is a reliable workhorse.
  • Excellent condition: This well-cared-for RV boasts a clean bill of health from a mechanic and comes with a folder full of service records for peace of mind.
  • Recent updates: The owner has replaced the water pump, fuel filter, serpentine belt, and tires within the last year, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Functional and comfortable: This Roadtrek features all the essentials for comfortable van life, including a flushable toilet, stove, sink, roof fan, closet, storage space, fold-down seats, and a convertible bed in the rear.
  • Simple repairs: Mechanics familiar with Dodge vehicles can easily work on this RV, making maintenance a breeze.

While it's not perfect, a little TLC goes a long way:

  • No refrigerator: The original refrigerator is out of commission, but the seller has replaced it with a handy 12v cooler.
  • Needs A/C recharge: The R12 air conditioning system needs to be charged, a fix that shouldn't break the bank.
  • Minor roof leak: A design flaw near the roof windows causes a small leak during heavy rain. The current owner has used a tarp for additional protection.
  • Driver's seat tear: A seat cover can easily address the rip in the driver's seat.
  • Cosmetic upgrades: The carpet and upholstery are original, and while functional, could use some refreshing.

Priced to sell and ready for adventure!

Detail RV by owner
Selling my beloved 19ft 1987 Class B Roadtrek. If you know anything about these awesome camper vans, you know they are the best of the best. Park it anywhere, easy to work on, bullet proof Dodge 3 speed automatic 5.2 L 318 engine. The old lady I had it before babied this thing. I know because I have a folder full of service records and she bought it brand new and had it serviced regularly. I've recently replaced the water pump, fuel filter, serpentine belt and tires are less than a year old with about 1500 miles on them. Last fall I drove from San Diego to Lake Tahoe. Great gas mileage, everything is original. It comes with a tow hitch, yet I've never towed anything. My family mechanic when I bought it looked at it and said it needed absolutely nithing. Hoses are not cracking at all. But good thing about this van is any mechanic can work on it, or yourself as it's very simple. It also comes with a flushable toilet, stove, sink, roof fan, closet, plenty of storage, fold down front seats for kids, and seating in the rear that folds into a bed. Personally, I leave it folded down into the bed.

What it doesn't have is a refrigerator. It had one when I bought it but the cooling system was not working. I didn't want it to release ammonia so I removed it and replaced it w a cheap plastic Coleman 12v cooler. It also needs R12 ac charged. This will run about $500, unless you go to Tijuana! It also has a tiny roof leak due to a design flaw where the roof windows are. There is literally no staining as it's only affected when it rains hard, and I've kept a tarp on it this recent rainy season when not using. It also has a rip in the driver seat, throw a seat cover on it and you're good.
My plan was to re upholster, and ripnoit the carpet because it is original. Just never did, and when you're camping, I didn't mind.

If you can even find a Roadtrek listed, you will see they sell for a lot. One guy is trying to sell his for $15k, not as nice as mine, w more miles. This one is priced to sell, you won't find a more reliable and well taken care of. I am reluctant to sell my camper, unless I get very close to my asking price. I will not be removing any of my camping equipmemt, putting the bed back to the benches and table. You will see it as is, because if I don't sell it, I won't be sad. This has been one of my best investments, only reason I am selling is because I want a bigger RV that I can convert to a work/photography studio. Come take a look, drive it around, make an offer.


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