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1967 Vintage Shasta Trailer For Sale

Monday, April 4, 2016

1967 Vintage Shasta Trailer For Sale

For Sale, 1967 Vintage Shasta Trailer

Price: $6299 SOLD
Used RV for Sale, found this in craigslist a vintage travel trailer was built by Shasta in 1967 is the LoFlyte model has 16 ft long ready for sale. The trailer in good condition overall come with a lot of details was written by owner to provide a good deal. That could be a unique small travel trailer mostly been restored and updated it looking for $6299.

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Maker Shasta Model LoFlyte Year 1967
Class Trailer Exterior Color White and Brown Engine
Fuel Type Interior Color Custom Mileage
Length 16' Condition Used Insurance N/A

Detail by owner
1967 Vintage Shasta LoFlyte 16ft Trailer with Wings!

1967 Shasta LoFlyte trailer, about 90% restored and updated. I got it from a friend about 10 years ago who had this little trailer in her family since about 1970 so I believe that I am the 3rd owner. I have some of the original paperwork that came with it when it was new. It was built locally in Battleground, WA. The trailer was in good overall condition when I got it but it did have a small hole in the roof from a tree branch located over the bed area that had been patched and wasn't leaking at the time but it did have some interior panel damage/staining from the old leak. This is where the project began!

Interior Work: While fixing the hole in the roof, I took advantage of the opportunity to update the entire rear end of the trailer interior, completely replacing old insulation with high quality R-Tech board and new wood paneling. The ceiling and walls were reinforced where needed but was mostly all intact with minimal to almost no water damage to the structure. All of the wood panels were then trimmed out and painted. I replaced the rear glass window with Lexan because the original glass was cracked and I knew that Lexan was stronger than glass without the risk of being broken/shattered and having glass all over the mattress in the case of an accident. I went with a Sealy Posturepedic double size plush mattress for the bed, removing the old sleeper couch that was there. This was a major upgrade. It is not a cheap "RV mattress" which are lighter weight and not always that comfortable. This mattress is SUPER comfortable to sleep on and easily sleeps 2 adults. All of the fabric cushions to the dinette were re-covered and all of the curtains/curtain rods were updated. The original flooring was in great condition but I wanted an updated look so I went with light wood flooring throughout, even under the bed area. I raised the bed up to create a storage area underneath, which can also be accessed from the rear hatch door. The storage area is large and can hold a ton of camping stuff. The framing to the bed is extremely supportive and reinforced. The old gas heater was mounted in the floor but was no longer safe to use so I pulled it out, patched the hole, and floored over it. We used an electric heater when needed but usually just camped during the summer months so it didn't get much use. There is no toilet/shower area in this trailer, it never came with one. The dinette does convert to an additional bed that sleeps one adult or two small children. I removed the old water tank under one of the bench seats because it was old and nasty, plus it took up the entire storage area. We always used our big camping water jug with a spout and just placed the spout over the edge of the sink. The drain to the sink works fine. The ice box refrigerator is in excellent condition, no mold or cracking or staining. It keeps food nice and cold with a block of ice in it. The oven and range are both hooked up to the gas tanks. The range works great. I never even tried to use the oven but it is hooked up to the same line as the range and appears to never have been used inside so my assumption has always been that it works fine too. Honestly, we tried to not use the gas range inside and cooked all of our food outside on the grill so that our bedding and clothes didn't smell like bacon and onions! We've never owned any cats or dogs so the interior has been pet-free. We have never had any problems with pests of any kind. We have always kept the bedding clean and all surfaces sanitized.

Exterior Work: When I first got the trailer, the jack stand was bent so I replaced it with an oversized 5000lb jack, easily able to support the weight of the 1700lb trailer. I then rewired all of the trailer lighting and installed all new lights and bulbs. The rear tail lights/brake lights were switched for LED lights to make the old lights a little brighter. The roof was patched up and sealed with an all-weather compound at the site of the old hole above the bed area; it is not noticeable from the ground and can only be seen when standing on a ladder. I replaced the old wheels and tires (which are still about 90% tread) with new ones from Les Schwab. They re-greased the axel and re-packed the bearings at that time. I have had the bearings re-packed twice since then. The front door lock is broken (they no longer make the original lock) but the handle opens and closes fine. I installed a new lock on the door that uses a key. I re-screened the screen door with dark mesh to help block out sunlight in the summer. The breaker box inside the trailer works fine and all of the receptacle plug-ins work as they should. I touched up the paint in a few spots but it would look amazing with a fresh coat of paint to update it. The wings are original and not replacement knock-offs. The LoFlyte series was built to be low to the ground, light enough to pull with a car, and fit in most garages. It weighed 1700lbs new but with the newly modified bed and flooring, my estimate is that it is closer to 2000lbs dry weight as it sits. We have pulled it with a Chevy Tahoe (V8) and a Toyota 4Runner (V6) and it always pulled like there was nothing back there. It really is a dream to tow around. Tabs are good through August.
Things it still needs to be 100%:
  • Rear bumper needs a tack weld on the left side; the weld broke in one spot and is being held up with bungee-cord temporarily.
  • Two of the window mechanisms do not open the windows completely, they either need fixed or replaced.
  • The awning needs two locking pins to stay in the upright position without having to use a small piece of wire or bolt to hold it in position. Locking pins can be purchased online.
  • A few of the glass window panels are plexi-glass and have a little bit of sag to them. Replacing them with actual glass would look nicer. Any local glass shop can do this.
  • A few little things here and there that I'm sure I can point out in person.
  • Exterior paint would really make this trailer look amazing, paint it whatever color you want!
  • Interior paint to update it and freshen it up.

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