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International Harvester B110 Camper Truck

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

International Harvester B110 Camper Truck

For Sale, International Harvester B110 Camper Truck

Price: $22500 SOLD
Used RV for Sale, found this one in craigslist already posted about a month ago in Paso Robles, California and still online, is a rare classic camper truck based on 1960 International Harvester B110 series still in excellent condition. If you are looking for something unique and cool may this unit will to be perfect for you. International Harvester B110 Camper Truck ready to go looking for $22500 without the boat, but if you interested is sold separately.

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Make International  Model B110 Series Year 1960
Class Camper Exterior Color Blue Engine International 
Fuel Type Gas Interior Color Brown Mileage 48000
Length Condition Used Insurance N/A

Owner says
I am selling a rare and coolest truck camper. It's a 1960 International Harvester B110 Series. It's a ½ ton heavy duty truck. The first owner John Erickson is from Longview, Washington. He had the truck special ordered from International Harvester Company and exported to Longview, Washington in 1960. John is a boat builder and he does that for a living. The I.H. truck was his personal hobby. He custom build the camper by his hard working hands and it took him three years to finish the camper. After he finished building the camper, he took the truck camper on a road trip to Alaska and Canada. There are three vintage decals on the window showing Washington, Alaska, and Canada. During the 1960's, the roads in Alaska were dirt and rocks. Naturally it would scratch the paints on the front and he had the front repainted to the original factory color. Later the truck was sold to Charles in Oregon. A well-known vintage trailer collector John from California bought the truck camper and he later sold the truck camper to me. This is the only registered IH truck camper known to exist because it was custom built.

The interior of the camper is so unique and cozy. A lot of craftsmanship was involved in building the interior. When you walk into the camper, it would feel as if you were walking into a vintage boat. The stove is a wood burning stove and it was hand built with a vent through the wall. The closet has a small rifle racks for hunting and a wooden rack to hang clothes. On the door is a removable mirror with shelves. There are plenty of storage to keep pots, pans, and kitchen supplies under the stove. The reason for wood burning stove is to cook and keep the camper warm during a cold camping trip. The table folds down and converts into a bed. I would say the size of the bed is a full size and very comfortable head room. There are 4 small storage compartments under the seats and one storage compartment holds a house battery. The roof top pops up for a head room in the kitchen area. When the roof pops up and on three sides have windows for great view. There is a hatch door on the roof and I added the screen to keep bugs out. There is refrigerator with ice block tray to keep the food cold and the door seals well. Interior is just beautiful and plenty of storage. There are minor water damage in the corners due to water leak and I took care of it. I resealed the cracks on the roof. The roof is made of fiberglass. The step folds up and down which is so unique.

The interior of the truck cab is very clean. All electrical works. The door panels, rubber mat, and headliner are original. I am not sure about the seat cover but it appears to be original. There was surface rust on the floor and no major rust. I cleaned the floor and had the surface rust treated then painted with black paint. The heater works very well. The truck comes with a vintage CB radio and it works.
The exterior is in a good vintage condition. The paint is mostly original except the front was repainted as I briefly explained in the first paragraph. The door open and closes very well. The glass on the driver's side has a crack but windows opens and closes with no problem. I had the windshield seal replaced and the windshield frame has zero rust. What's so unique about the camper truck is how the first owner build the camper. He added an extra axle with two wheel under the chassis. I wondered why and figure out the possible reasons for adding an extra axle with wheels. On the extra axle has off road tires which was used to go on dirt road. When you look back in the 1960's, the roads in Alaska were dirt roads. The other reason is to carry two spare tires. On both sides behind the bottom doors are small storage to store camping gears, tools, or other items for the road trip. I special ordered 3 custom awnings for the sides and rear of the camper. The color is turquoise and white. The awning comes with poles and tightening ropes. I custom made the roof rack with vintage solid oak wood slats.
The engine is original with 48,000 + miles. I had the engine through some repairs. I had the radiator boiled, new water pump, new hoses, new 2 gallons coolant, new thermostat, new oil main seal, new oil pan gasket, new fuel filter, new oil filter with fresh oil. I had the valves adjusted with new valve cover gaskets, new intake manifold gasket, and engine adjustment. I had the transmission pan gasket replaced with new filter and fluid.

The transmission is automatic and shifts fine. The only problem with the transmission is the (P) park, sometime it will pop into reverse when parked. I had talked with the transmission guy and I was told that the transmission will have to be overhauled to repair the PARK. The repair is not cheap so I said that the truck runs good when in gears R-N-D2-D1-L. So I did the simple trick to keep the transmission in PARK is by adding the bungee cord on the transmission shifter to the ceiling and it worked very well. I would not invest money to fix the transmission just for PARK. When the transmission stops working and it would be worth the money to overhaul the transmission.
The brakes have been overhauled. I replaced all 4 new drums, brake shoes, 4 cylinders, brake fluid, seals, wheel bearings, lugs, and grease. The rear axle shafts was corrected, new seals, new bearings, and gear oil.

This will be a great vintage IH truck camper to own because it does not exist anywhere. It's the only one built. The truck comes with an original purchase brochure manual, operator's manual, and service invoices. I will ship the camper worldwide.



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