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1968 Clark Cortez Motor Home

Friday, August 14, 2015

1968 Clark Cortez Motor Home

For Sale, Cruise in Style with a Rare 1968 Clark Cortez Motorhome!

Price: $4500 SOLD
Used RV for Sale, Calling all vintage RV enthusiasts! This impeccably maintained 1968 Clark Cortez motorhome is your chance to own a true piece of automotive history.

Up for sale used 1968 Clark Cortez Motor Home class A. Clark Cortez motor home in very good condition for age. 74,000 original miles. This rare classic is powered by a 225 C.I. straight six Dodge, 4 on the floor, front wheel drive and 4 wheel independent suspension. This twenty foot long motor home handles quite well with its low stance and powers along nicely given the rather small displacement engine. The slant six engine gets this motor home around 14 miles to the gallon on the freeway.

Maker Clark Forklift Company
Model Clark Cortez
Year 1968
Class A
Length 20 FT
Engine Dodge
Fuel Type Gas
Drive FWD
Transmission Manual
Mileage 74000
Condition Used / Good
Insurance N/A
Exterior Color Brown
Interior Color Brown

Timeless Design Meets Modern Reliability

This Clark Cortez is a testament to classic craftsmanship. At 20 feet long, it offers a comfortable yet maneuverable footprint, perfect for navigating scenic routes. The powerful 225 C.I. straight six Dodge engine with a 4-speed manual transmission provides a surprisingly smooth ride, thanks to the innovative front-wheel drive and independent suspension. Despite the modest engine size, this beauty delivers a respectable 14 miles per gallon on the highway.

Extensive Upgrades Ensure Years of Adventure

The current owner has meticulously cared for this Clark Cortez, installing a plethora of new parts over the past three years. All replacements are documented for your peace of mind, and many parts are readily available at popular auto stores like Napa or O'Reilly's. Upgrades include:

  • Brake and clutch master cylinders
  • Water pump, fuel pump, fuel tank, and fuel sending unit
  • Rebuilt carburetor
  • Fan, fan clutch, and fan shroud
  • Temperature gauge
  • Sewer gate valve and tee

Ready to Hit the Road

The owner has taken this trusty Clark Cortez on countless adventures, including multiple trips to the coast, Goldendale, Trout Lake, and Glenwood. It's a reliable companion that won't let you down. You'd be hard-pressed to find another 1968 Clark Cortez in such fantastic condition, especially in Washington state.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a legendary Clark Cortez motorhome!

Detail by owner
I have done a lot of work to the Clark and have installed many new parts all logged in its records in the 3 years I have owned it. many parts are still available at Napa or Oreilly's. The break and clutch master cylinders have bee replaced along with water pump, fuel pump, fuel tank,fuel sending unit,fuel gauge $240.00 rebuilt carburetor from Autozone 8-5-15 , fan,fan clutch,fan shroud, temp gauge,sewer gate valve and tee, and many more. I have had this little coach to the coast 5 times and east to Goldendale twice, Trout Lake once, and Glenwood once. She has never left me stranded. Looking on the internet, I don't see another one like it in this condition around Washington.

Note: This vehicle has already been sold, update listing of the Clark Cortez go here

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